World Missions

World Missions

Leaders for World Missions: Ken and Mary Taber

Kevin & Cindy Austin- Czech Repubic

Jim & Karen Pickett – Mozambique, Africa

Brandon & Stephanie Noel – Papua, Indonesia

Romy & Linda Caringal

A Unique Way of Reaching People…
Brother “Alim” lives in an Arab nation where Bible distribution and evangelism remain extremely difficult and dangerous. Entering some areas is nearly impossible due to the harsh landscape. However, with God, all things are possible.
He had a strange request: “Can you help me buy a camel?” But The Voice of the Martyrs understood immediately after Alim explained his plan. “If I can travel across the open desert I can share Christ with people who have never heard. It would be difficult to survive such a trip by foot or in a motorized vehicle. But with a camel, I can make the journey!”
 Alim is now actively traveling to share the gospel with the help of a camel purchased by The Voice of the Martyrs.
 -The Voice of the Martyrs 10/28/12